• Aimee Spencer Tiemann


Earth, Wind and Fire’s joyous anthem “September” made its way into the National Library of Congress this past March.

The date mentioned in the song, September 21, has been quite eventful throughout history. To commemorate the day, here are 21 noteworthy events that occurred on September 21.

  1. Stephen King was born

  2. In 1937, J.R,R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit was published

  3. Green Day released in American Idiot in 1994

  4. In 1982, NFL players began a 57-day strike

  5. Country queen Faith Hill was born

  6. Supermodel Christie Brinkley made her way down the aisle for the fourth time, marrying Peter Cook

  7. Jacqueline Susann, named the world’s best selling fiction author for the novel Valley of the Dolls after it sold 31 million copies, died

  8. New York Magazine named September 21st, “The Most Important Day of the Year”

  9. Sometimes, September 21 is the first day of the fall season

  10. Benedict Arnold gave British Major John Andre the plans to West Point

  11. First cowboy, Kit Carlson, premiered in the United States

  12. Bill Murray was born

  13. Johann Ostermeyer patented the flashbulb

  14. In 1981, the senate unanimously confirmed the nomination of Sandra Day O’Connor to become the first female justice of the Supreme Court

  15. “Monday Night Football” debuted in 1970 when the Cleveland Browns defeated the New York Jets

  16. One of America’s first horseless carriages was taken for short test drive by Frank Duryea, who designed the first vehicle with his brother, Charles

  17. John Kennedy Jr. married Carolyn Bessette in 1996

  18. The all-male Virginia Military Institute voted to admit women

  19. Hurricane Maria devastated millions of people in Puerto Rico

  20. Mad Men was the first basic cable program to receive an Emmy for top series

  21. Baseball said farewell to the original Yankee Stadium

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