• Aimee Spencer Tiemann


How Americans are Making the Best of a Tough Time

Every Sunday I get a report on my phone showing how my screen time has, well, pretty much doubled every week since this quarantine began.

How could it not?

We’re all trying to fill up at least 18 hours with things to do, right? Mine has turned into endless games of Euchre, Gin Rummy and Yahtzee, when I’m not working. Well games and of course, perusing Facebook.

Besides dodging all the sadness, I’ve watched people I know get creative with their everyday routines. After all, time is all we have right now.

Character Conference Calls

Nate, a friend of mine from high school, took his conference calls to a whole new level. Rather than just showing up in his regular wardrobe, Nate started showing up in character.

“I learned as a soldier that during high-stress situations and continuous operations, a bit of levity, humility, and humor can go a long way with regards to troop morale,” Nate shared. “So, as the nation’s condition started increasing in seriousness, so did our activities at work. As with most, I could detect the stress and concern of my colleagues, so I thought I’d use a bit of humor in an attempt to momentarily reduce that stress.”

Nate has dressed as James Bond, a cowboy, Magnum PI, a dapper gentleman from the 1800’s, Captain America, and of course, Netflix phenomenon Joe Exotic from Tiger King.

“The first costume, a colonial revolutionary wartime outfit got the best reaction, because no one was expecting it,” Nate said. “Now, some have joined in. It’s been great to see some chuckles before we have to focus on the tasks at hand.”

So, what character is on the docket next? “That’s classified,” Nate said with a laugh.

A New Neon

Chris Tuccini is one of the masterminds that created the wave of Magnum PI’s at a home Detroit Tigers game a few years back. It’s no surprise, his daughter Olivia shares in his creativity.

Olivia is the class president, and with the recent closing of the school year, she was missing the fun activities she led at school. One in particular was planning Spirit Week. So, this fun family took advantage of the downtime and created their own #QuarantucciniSpiritWeek.

Last week, the family of three dressed up every day to fit a certain theme. “This isn’t the exact week that Spirit Week would take place at her school, but after learning that she wasn’t going back, she decided to create her own,” Chris shared.

Chris wouldn’t mind similar family spirit weeks becoming social media successes.

“The more the merrier. We all need something fun to keep us occupied right now,” Chris said.

Going the Social Distance

Mrs. Shigley is an avid runner, completing numerous races. She’s also a high school teacher at Marysville High School in Michigan.

During this down time, Mrs. Shigley has continued to train, but she remapped her route. Now, for every class she teaches, she runs past students’ houses and waves from a safe distance.

The first two runs were 11 miles. Then she started to divide things up.

“I decided to do two classes of students and split up the neighborhood more,” Shigley shared. “I did one neighborhood of two class hours, which was 6.5 miles. I’m going to do another one today, and then my final class soon after. I haven’t done them all in a row. I take a couple of days in between.”

What a nice way to let students know we’re all thinking of them during this time!

What About You?

So, how are you getting creative during the quarantine? I want to know!