• Aimee Spencer Tiemann

Her Dream is to Give Away $1 Million

Carrie Metz-Caporusso creates tattoo to help the homeless this weekend, October 19, 2019, in Ann Arbor and Whitmore Lake

Carrie Metz-Caporusso has a vision.

It centers on art, awareness, and the hope that one day she will raise over $1 million for charity in her lifetime.

She’s already well on her way.

It Started with the #MeToo Movement

According to Bustle, Metz-Caporusso created her first FLASH event for Joyful Heart Foundation, an organization that that helps sexual assault survivors and was founded by Law and Order SVU’s Mariska Hargitay.

A FLASH event is well-known among tattoo enthusiasts as a day-long gathering where people can get tattooed with a design by Metz-Caporusso. Patrons pay a set amount and all the money is donated to charity.

Metz-Caporusso's first FLASH event raised $11,000 in one day.

In the Last Three Years

She has gone on to do FLASH events for Flint water crisis relief efforts and the Transgender Law Center. To date, Metz-Caporusso has raised more than $22,000 for these organizations.

The Key

This Saturday, October 19, 2019, Metz-Caporusso is hosting her fourth FLASH event to raise money for the homeless. Avalon Housing is an Ann Arbor-based charity whose mission is to “build healthy, safe and inclusive supportive housing communities as long-term solutions to homelessness.”

“There is a severe lack of affordable housing in the Ann Arbor area which affects the most vulnerable groups in our community,” Metz-Caporusso said. "Avalon offers permanent housing solutions to this growing problem."

She designed the Heart Key tattoo for this FLASH event because it represents the purpose of this effort.

“We chose the Heart Key design to represent the phrase home is where the heart is, and because everyone deserves a safe place of their own,” she said.

The world wants Metz-Caporusso to raise the million in her lifetime

Metz-Caporusso’s charity efforts have not gone unnoticed. She was recently featured in national publications like “Bustle”and “Freshly Inked” magazines.

The Details

Lucky Monkey Tattoo in Ann Arbor, along with Lovely Monkey Tattoo and Piercing in Whitmore Lake will ink the Heart Key design for $50 (all proceeds benefit Avalon Housing).

Lucky Monkey Tattoo

3204 Packard St

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

12:30 pm - 8 pm

Lovely Monkey Tattoo and Piercing

9541 N Main St

Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

Noon - 7 pm

This event is walk-in only, no advance appointments. Participants must be age 18 or older, with valid photo identification. Both shops are wheelchair accessible.