• Aimee Spencer Tiemann

"I never took my relationships for granted."


“We Built this City,” Mikey Eckstein starts to sing at the top of his lungs as he recalls his first concert experience watching Jefferson Airplane with his mom and dad at the Michigan Theatre back in the late 80’s.

“Jefferson Airplane was my first concert, but it was a chance encounter with the Beastie Boys' tour manager Ricky Powell that changed my world," Eckstein said. "I wanted to be Ricky Powell when I grew up.”

Eckstein started his career at the ripe age of 17.

“My friends in high school had a band called 'Funktelligence,'" Eckstein said. "I told them I’d manage them. I had no idea what managing meant, but within months they were playing at big venues and festivals. Within a year, they were all over the magazines, radio and TV. When one door was slammed shut in my face, I’d start knocking somewhere else. One dot always connected to another. And every dot came with more success and popularity.”

As time passed, Eckstein’s talent and perseverance grew stronger. He soon found himself working with Clear Channel Entertainment (now known as Live Nation) producing live events and festivals. After gaining a strong foundation in the event space, Eckstein moved into artist and tour management, where he spent years touring with D12, Eminem and Kid Rock.

“Whenever anyone asks me, 'What does Mikey Eckstein do?',"Kid Rock said. "I say, 'He does EVERYTHING.' He is the person to get S@#T done!”

Fast forward to today, Eckstein has built a successful company that continues to provide world class entertainment to casinos, concert venues, and festivals around the world. His company, Embarco Management, was started in 2006 to provide a one-stop shop for venue owners, film producers, and artists looking to work in the Detroit area. Over the past decade, Embarco Management has produced more than 1000 shows, acted as a conduit in the growth of successful broadcast careers, negotiated many record deals, created strategic partnerships for professional athletes, designed a concierge service for celebrities and their demanding schedules, and earned Associate Producer credits in Life Goes On, Cut Print and the documentary Cobo Hall.

"If Embarco can’t do it, then it can’t be done," Eckstein said with a laugh. "My point is, if we can’t do it, we know the right person to get it done. I never took my relationships for granted, and it’s been the best gift I could’ve learned along the way.”

What does the future hold for Embarco Management and Mikey Eckstein?

“I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see it,” Eckstein said.