• Aimee Spencer Tiemann


"Aimee baby, it’s the Money Man, whatcha ya got for me?"

That’s how every conversation would start when the "Money Man," Eddie Money, would call me. Unfortunately, there won't be any more calls since Eddie passed last week.

But he'll always remain unforgettable to me.

Eddie and I shared a long history, all the way back to my childhood. The very first date my mom and step-dad went on was to an Eddie Money show. When they celebrated their fifth anniversary of dating, they dragged me and my brother to see Eddie Money.

It was only fitting that the first major concert I ever produced was - yes, you guessed it - Eddie Money.

I met Eddie four months after my mom died

Here I was, a young, impressionable, mid-20-something publicist launching a new concert venue reporters were deeming “the new 'IT' destination” to see a live performance. And I had Eddie Money as the spokesperson to tell the press about this crowned jewel.

To know Eddie was to LOVE him

Eddie was a wild card. You NEVER knew what was going to come out of his mouth. That's great from an entertainment standpoint, but terrifying when it comes to publicity. He would take the conversation back to the drinking and drugging days, and then turn it on a dime to a serious topic like his unwavering love for the United States military.

No matter how much you prepped him with talking points for an interview, he ran the show. Anything could happen at any moment. Still, he ended every interview with, “I have two tickets to paradise, and you’re all coming with me.”

Eddie would tell you he burnt out his brain cells, but he never forgot anything

During press day for the venue's big opening, we had to spend a lot of time together. We went on to talk about how my parents' first date was at one of his concerts. During the conversation, I told him about the passing of my mother. He listened with great intent and grabbed both of my hands and said, “Always remember, your mom will never be far. You just got the best guardian angel you could’ve ever asked for.”

As my career progressed, I went into radio. While the Promotions and Marketing Director for the leading 80’s rock station in town, I crossed paths with my good buddy Eddie once again. We did countless meet and greets with the Money Man and his fans. He even took over the airwaves a few times and did exclusive events for the station.

In fact, one time we were broadcasting live from one of Detroit’s most legendary Coney Island restaurants and my car got towed. The officer informed me I wouldn’t be getting my car back until the next day.

Here’s the kicker, I was Eddie's ride.

He looked at me, laughed, and said, “Fuck it Aimee Baby, there has to be someone down here that will give us a ride back.”

And right then, Eddie went up to a complete stranger and asked him to drive me home, then take Eddie back to his hotel. It worked.

I sat in the car with a complete stranger, who as it turned out, was a huge fan of the Money Man. So he insisted we sing all of Eddie's greatest hits on the way back to our respective locations.

Saying there was NEVER a dull moment with the Money Man around would be an understatement.

Every time I saw him he would say in his deepest Brooklyn accent, “Aimee Baby, how ya doin'? How long has it been since your mom passed? Just remember, best guardian angel Aimee Baby.”

As time passed

Eddie and I continued to work together on festivals, a private event on a military base for the Blue Angels, and smaller shows. The man never lost his luster for the stage. Every time he stepped up and grabbed the mic, it was like young Eddie up there singing for the first time. Every single time.

What are some facts you never knew about Eddie?

  1. Eddie sold more than 28 million records

  2. Some of his music has been featured in Grand Theft Auto and Guitar Hero

  3. Eddie is survived by five kids and was married for 30 years to Laurie Mahoney (three of his kids toured with him - his daughter Jesse sang the famous part originally performed by Ronnie Spector in “Take Me Home Tonight”)

  4. His marriage to Laurie was Money’s second marriage, he was married once before to Margo Walker

  5. Eddie’s real last name is Mahoney

  6. Eddie was a cop in Brooklyn, New York, for two years before making his way out west to give show business a try

  7. "Take Me Home Tonight” was Money’s biggest hit - the song was streamed more than 3 million times when news of Eddie's death broke

  8. Social media was good for the Money Man - www.ucr.com reports there was a surge in exotic dancers reaching out to Eddie (he always said “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Shakin,” and “Two Tickets to Paradise” were big hits on the pole)

  9. Hollywood's Kevin James was a super fan of the Money Man, having written a part for Eddie in a 2002 episode of The King of Queens and making sure “I Think I’m Love” made it to the big screen in Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

  10. Money and his family have been starring in a reality show called Real Money that has aired on AXSTV since April 2018

Hey, Money Man, it’s Aimee Baby

Eddie, I cried when I heard you'd passed.

I wished we had more time with you. I wished I could hear you sing “Take Me Home Tonight” one last time. I prayed I could see you one last time so you could say something insanely outrageous to make me cringe. I was looking forward to hearing you call me "Aimee Baby" and hear you remind me about this amazing guardian angel I have.

To use your words, “I want go back and do it all over, but I can’t go back, I know.” I now know, “Things will never be the same.”

Rest in peace, Money Man.

Your friend –

Aimee Baby

Eddie Money 1949-2019