• Aimee Spencer Tiemann


A yogi’s journey through walking leads to uniting at large

Linda Lexy is a force of positivity. A force of projected abundance. A force of health. A force of hope. Linda Lexy is an intentional force of what people are craving in this world.

“People want to connect,” Linda Lexy said. “There’s beauty all around us all the time. We need to let go and be willing to connect to the world at large, for the sake of quality of life and being united, not divided.”

A self-proclaimed yogi and child of god, Lexy was seeking a new creative outlet to feed her physical and mental health. More than a year ago, Lexy began the wildly popular ketogenic lifestyle and the changes were profound.

“I had no problem practicing yoga every day, but I couldn’t walk more than 15 minutes without feeling excruciating pain in my left hip," she recollected. “I started to push past the pain and I’m happy to say that it doesn’t exist anymore.

"I believe these daily walks began as a response to an unexpected life-changing event that knocked me down and brought me to my knees," she said. "This all happened when my grandson, Carter was here.”

"Hurricane Carter," as Lexy lovingly refers to him, visits for a month every year in the summer.

“Every year when Carter comes to stay, I have a theme to help him navigate through the waters of life, filled with teachable moments for both of us. Our theme this year was to walk," Lexy said. "I learned what a blessing it is to be aware of your surroundings. I also learned how responding with love and positivity is a natural projection, if you're conditioned to it every day.

"I began #PROJECTLOVEWALK just by going out and saying 'hi' to random strangers," she continued. "I wave to every person I see going by, and if they allow, I take their pictures waving back to the world. I love to notice the little things along the way that tend to go unnoticed by the average person zooming through life.

"I started to share them daily on social media and the response has been so positively overwhelming," Lexy said. "The photos I take on my iPhone resonate with everyone. I feel deeply blessed by their responses.”

Although the walks started with Carter, Lexy still enjoys the solo journeys on her own.

“I’m a love vigilante," Lexy said with a laugh. "I view #PROJECTLOVEWALK like art installations. Art is an imitation of life, right? Every day a new installation is unveiled to me.

“I wake up and go. I let the day take me. Things change from one day to the next. We need to explore, magnify, and honor this," she said. "Some days I cruise like a beast, and other days I’m in chill mode - controlled and strong. When I see something or someone, I move towards them like a ninja. It’s walking meditation and observing life at it’s best.

"The point of #PROJECTLOVEWALK is to be present and aware of the moments as they are happening. #PROJECTLOVEWALK is about sending out love and light, because in the world we live in, it is SO desperately needed," Lexy continued. "Knowing and owning this mindset, pushes us to have the responsibility to cultivate and turn it up."

In addition to #PROJECTLOVEWALK, Lexy is a world-famous soul and funk DJ. One would think the right playlist would be the soundtrack to amplify a walk's beauty. But Lexy leaves it to chance.

“I never plan a playlist, I just let the shuffle button set the tone for the walk,"she said. "Much of the music comes from the yoga classes I’ve taught. The music was already geared around empowerment, strength, positive energy, fun, connectedness and the celebration of life.”

Some of the artists you can find in her regular shuffle include Prince, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Franti & Spearhead, James Brown, Miley Cyrus, Aretha Franklin, J Dilla, Grace Jones and Parliament Funk.

“The random playlist allows me to be an alive character in the grand scheme of my mission," Lexy said. "I always respond to what it’s communicating to me. It’s a natural reflex for me at this point.”

#PROJECTLOVEWALK is teaching Lexy new lessons around every corner.

“I’m open and ready for every lesson I learn," she said excitedly. "Sometimes we need to disconnect in order to get connected.

"There is so much value in that effort, and we forget about it during our daily grinds. We need to move toward love and shine our lights. If you love and shine, you will never go wrong.”

#PROJECTLOVEWALK may have started as a way to teach Carter, but it’s become a saving grace for Lexy and her warrior spirit.

“It’s a living metaphor. With every step, through every person, and around every corner, there are so many lessons to learn, and so much love and light to spread," Lexy said. “Explore where you’re at, don’t make this into some big feat. Beauty is all around you, even right outside your front door. Step outside, you’ll never believe what you may see or who you may meet.”

Linda Lexy is an award winning Funk and Soul DJ, who has dominated the airwaves and hosted some Metro Detroit’s most coveted events. Lexy is also the proud co-creator and Vice President of Indie Record Label, Funky D Records. When Lexy isn’t dedicating her life to music and walks, she enjoys her yoga practice.

Follow Linda Lexy on her daily journeys at #PROJECTLOVEWALK on Facebook at Linda Lexy and FunkyDRecords or on Instagram @djlindalexy. She would love to see what you find on your walks. Use the hashtag #PROJECTLOVEWALK and join the journey.